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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mickey's Christmas Carol DVD Review

Disney's Animation Collection has just released Mickey's Christmas Carol on DVD! Not only does it include the classic take on A Christmas Carol, but it includes three bonus shorts!

My son has become a HUGE Mickey Mouse fan ever since the first copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that I received for review. So when this opportunity became available, I couldn't pass it up! A Christmas Carol is a traditional movie that is played every Christmas and the first version I remember seeing as a child was Mickey's Christmas Carol! So, how fun is it that my children can experience this classic as well! And of course anything that reminds them of Christmas is exciting. This is definitely a staple that should be in the collection of anyone with young children.

Family Time Factor
: Not too bad to watch as an adult with your kids, but since it is a cartoon, I'd say probably most enjoyed by 10 and under.

MOTR Grade: A

Mickey's Christmas Carol is available now on DVD!!!


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