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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

X-Men Volumes 3 and 4 DVD Review

Marvel Comics has teamed up with Buena Vista Entertainment/Walt Disney to bring all you comic book junkies X-Men in animated comic form. (You can now jump up and down with excitement.)

Volume 3 features The Dark Phoenix, which inhabits the body of Jean Grey. Enter the X-Men who must battle with evil forces in order to save Jean. This 2 disc set contains 15 episodes, which includes the four part "Dark Phoenix" saga.

Volume 4 features Beyond Good and Evil. Surprise, the X-Men are battling evil forces in this saga as well. Apocalypse is a mighty mutant who has been driven mad by his powers. What do you think? Can the X-Men prevail or will they be obliterated from existence never to be heard from again? This 2 disc set contains 14 episodes.

I think that hardcore fans will love seeing their favorite comic come to life with brilliant, colorful animation that is true to the comic pictures themselves. The plots are entertaining and it is easy to see how people become lifelong fans.

Family Time Factor: X-Men can be enjoyed by all ages and since its animated, your youngsters will probably like watching it as well. I hesitate to point out that I think it is geared more towards males, for fear I will get a stiletto to the eyeball.

MOTR Grade
: B+

X-Men Volumes 3 and 4 releases on DVD today!!!


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