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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Terry Fator Live From Las Vegas DVD Review

America's Got Talent has expired in my book of interests, but I used to be an avid viewer! I was so torn at the end of the season that Terry Fator won, because it was between him and this sweet teddy bear of a guy who sang and played guitar. I wanted Terry to win because he was HILARIOUS, but I wanted the other guy to win because he loved to sing, but couldn't pay the bills singing and he had a wife and kids. So I was not mad at all when Fator won, but will someone find the other guy and give him a million dollars?

Terry Fator was born for Vegas. He is a very unique ventriloquist in that his puppets are gorgeous, he does excellent vocal impressions, especially past singers, and is very funny! His act could become a lifelong hit in my impression.

Now, you are able to enjoy Terry Fator live on your television. This DVD is 71 minutes of pure entertainment!

Family Time Factor: I think this dvd spans all ages because kids will enjoy the puppets and adults will enjoy the humor.

MOTR Grade: B+

Terry Fator Live From Las Vegas is available now on DVD and Blu-Ray!!!

Here are some interesting tidbits about Terry Fator:

·Terry was the winner of NBC’s popular show “America’s Got Talent” – Summer 2007’s most watched TV program, averaging 12 MILLION viewers a night.

·Terry returned to “America’s Got Talent” this season to perform.

·Terry has performed on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

·Terry signed a 5-year $100 million dollar deal with The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. He performs 48 weeks a year, 5 sold out nights a week in the newly built Terry Fator Theatre.

·He is the author of the recently released autobiography, Who’s The Dummy Now?

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  1. I was so happy when Terry won America's Got Talent. He truly is a talented guy. I've seen this DVD out and hope I get around to renting it soon.