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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jonas: Rockin' the House DVD Review

What's not to love about the Jonas Brothers? Besides everything, that is. I'm pretty sure that these boys made some kind of pact with the devil in order to become famous, but that is a little harsh.

So Disney, in its infinite wisdom (and money hungry ways) decided to cash in on the "fame" of the Jonas Brothers and give them their own TV show. I know they've been in Camp Rock and what not, but apparently that was not enough airtime... they needed 30 minutes every week.

In Rockin' the House, you get five episodes of Jonas along with two full world premiere bonus episodes and "You've Just Been Jo Bro'd" (I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit) which is a featurette that has the brothers surprising one of their co-stars.

The shows are pretty much what you'd expect. Each episode is about a trio of brothers who are going through the normal teenage situations... but they're also in a famous band. (I'm sure it was a stretch for their acting abilities.)

Family Time Factor: I think this mostly appeals to girls ages 10-14.

MOTR Grade
: D+

Jonas: Rockin' the House is available now on DVD!!!


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