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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disneynature Earth Blu-Ray Review

I am a sucker for documentaries, nature, animals and especially documentaries that showcase nature and animals! I think I'm a total nerd at heart (and perhaps part tree hugger) and these things fascinate and entertain me like none other!

So, color me excited when I heard that Disneynature was putting out a Blu-Ray that highlighted the lives of whales, elephants and polar bears in their natural habitats. The imagery, the stories, the adorableness and the learning aspect made Earth so fun for me to watch! (And who doesn't love voiceovers by James Earl Jones?!) I watched it with my 3 year old daughter who found it exciting, too, but probably didn't care so much about the learning aspect.

Being on Blu-Ray made the picture reminiscent to what you might expect to see in an IMAX theater. The color and clarity were breathtaking! The bonus features were also a great addition to the whole experience! The making of featurette really showed you how incredibly difficult it was to get some of this amazing footage. It's great that people are so determined to expose the world to things they can't see in their backyard.

Also, if you buy the Blu-Ray it comes with a bonus copy on DVD.

Family Time Factor
: I definitely recommend it for the whole family because it's educational and enjoyable.

MOTR Grade: A

Disneynature Earth is available on Blu-Ray and DVD today!!!

Blu-Ray specs: 1080p high definition/1.78:1, English 5.1 DTS-HD


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