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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Suite Life On Deck DVD Review

The appeal of The Suite Life must be totally over my head or else I'm not a 12 year old girl. I can't decide why I don't like it. I don't find any of the children to be adorable or lovable.

The premise of the Suite Life is about these twin brothers who live on their own (in a suite, shock!) They love mischief and revel in shenanigans. In On Deck, the boys have moved aboard a luxury cruise ship and enrolled in a semester at sea program. They both meet a couple girls on the ship that they develop crushes on and in their attempts to woo the girls, they get into a lot of sticky situations.

As aforementioned, this show does not appeal to me at all and I feel as though it does not cross the ages in terms of entertainment.

Family Time Factor: Mostly enjoyed by kids ages 7-12.

MOTR Grade: C+

The Suite Life On Deck features 7 episodes and is available today on DVD!!!


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