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Friday, August 21, 2009

Sonny With a Chance: Sonny's Big Break DVD Review

If you have not heard the name Demi Lovato, you either 1) have a life that does not include Disney, 2) don't watch talk shows or 3) have better things to do than care about pop culture (but then you wouldn't be reading my blog!)

Demi Lovato jumped into the limelight after starring alongside the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock. Disney decided to give her a show of her own called "Sonny With a Chance." The premise is about a midwestern born girl who becomes an actress on a teen sketch comedy show. The genius about this is not only is it about this girl's life, which gives the sitcom aspect, but then you get to enjoy the silly sketches that they perform for the show.

This is Volume 1 and includes the first four episodes of Sonny With a Chance so you can get to know the characters and the premise. This DVD also includes a bonus episode, Demi's audition and more!

Personally, I think that for a tweener comedy, this is pretty good! It's fairly intelligent and is not painful to have to watch with your children (or in my case, your in-laws, lol.)

Family Time Factor: Probably enjoyed most by ages 6 and up. Younger kids won't understand the humor as well. But it's definitely a nice one for the family to watch together!

MOTR Grade: A-

Sonny With a Chance: Sonny's Big Break releases on DVD August 25th!!!

Also, as a side note, I learned on The View that Demi's little sister actually plays one of Gabi's daughters on Desperate Housewives. (The older one.)


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