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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain Blu-Ray Review

I must say, I feel bad for Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock. When he was in WWE and first burst in upon the Hollywood scene, he was unstoppable. He was on fire! Everyone wanted a piece of The Rock. Now, he's quickly becoming a has been and this movie does not help improve that status.

Sure, his character is likable and has that charisma that we have all come to appreciate about Dwayne Johnson. But, I feel as though this movie could have gone without being made. It is a revived idea from the old classics Escape from Witch Mountain and Return to Witch Mountain that were quite popular in their day. In this movie, Dwayne plays a taxi driver who has come on hard times and has not always made the best choices in his life. One day, two "teenagers" appear in his cab. They turn out to be aliens in disguise. They are desperate to locate and recover their lost spaceship so that they can get home. Their planet's future and that of Earth depends on it!

Unfortunately, as so often happens, it is easier said than done. Jack (Dwayne) must help them thwart government officials and an alien hunter while trying to get these aliens back home in time. They encounter many problems that help Jack realize what life is really about and how he needs to clean up his act.

As aforementioned, I wasn't a big fan of this film. Anyone remember the recent revival of The Day the Earth Stood Still? This whole alien rescue has been done and overdone. Sure, the actors were cute and likable, but the whole thing was just too much for me. I'm not a big fan of sci-fi and aliens (I hate you to death, KNOWING!!!) and therefore, was not a big fan of this one... Even the fact that it was on Blu-Ray and had awesome imagery didn't change my mind.

Family Time Factor: Can be watched by the entire family.

MOTR Grade: C

Race to Witch Mountain is available on Blu-Ray and DVD August 4th!!!

Blu-Ray specs: 1080p High Definition/2.40:1, English 5.1 DTS-HD
The Blu-Ray also includes not only the Blu-Ray, but also a DVD and Digital Copy!

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  1. I saw The Day the Earth Stood Still and it was alright. I'm aliened out myself.
    It is funny you reviewed this movie b/c just last night Vinny said he really wants to watch it. My response to him "you are on your own." lol!
    By your review, I think my decision to skip the movie was a good one.