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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hannah Montana: The Movie Blu-Ray and DVD Review

Not personally being a big fan of Hannah Montana (I am slightly older than the tweeners who enjoy it) I found myself thinking that the movie looked pretty good and was slightly ashamed to admit that I wanted to rent it. I shun all things Billy Ray Cyrus and unfortunately for Miley, she shares his DNA.

So, I watched this movie. I watched it with my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law (who is 17) and my two kids (3 and 1). I feel as though we represented all but the male point of view (my son hasn't formed his gender identity.) I also want to point out that I do like the song "The Climb." Get off my back!

Did I love it? No. Did I appreciate it for what it was? Yes. Was it predictable? Yes? Did I want to throw up when there was a duet between Miley and Billy Ray? Eight times. All three of us who can form insightful opinions found it to be a pleasant 102 minutes. And the two younger kids didn't pay a lot of attention other than to tell me the horse says "neigh," but they did dance to most of the music, which was fun to see.

Watching it on Blu-Ray didn't really make much difference in my mind. It's not one of those movies that you have to see in high definition to appreciate. Other than the huge explosion where the cops chased down the bad guy and there was a tanker filled with gas that... oh, wait, wrong movie.

Family Time Factor
: As I mentioned who I watched it with, I figure it can span the ages, but I doubt older males would want to watch it and not all toddlers have that much attention to give it.

MOTR Grade: B

Hannah Montana: The Movie releases on DVD and Blu-Ray August 18!!!

The Blu-Ray is a triple pack that comes with the Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy. The Deluxe DVD also comes with a digital copy.

Blu-Ray Specs: 1080p High Definition (or bonus 480i Standard Definition)/ 1.85:1/English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio


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