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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reno 911!: Complete Sixth Season DVD Review

If you have never seen Reno 911! you are missing out! And I question, do you not have a funny bone? Does humor escape you? Seriously, it's hilarious!

And being a huge fan of improv that I am, I will share this fact with you- a majority of the lines in Reno 911! are improvised and totally unscripted.

The premise is a mockumentary of the show Cops. A group of officers (in Reno, NV) are followed around by a film crew as they deal with drug dealers, prostitutes, domestic disputes and the likes around the slums of Reno. The riff raff that they encounter are hilarious, the officers are hilarious and the situations are totally off the wall! They will meet up at the station for discussions, reprimands and what not, but once they go out on the streets, it's anyone's game what could happen. From trigger happy deputies to short shorts wearing men, this squad has a whole institution full of crazies on the force.

Plus, guest comedians appear from time to time to play a criminal about to be encountered. Season six guests include Patton Oswalt, Craig Robinson, George Lopez and Nick Swardson.

Definitely good for a laugh, if you're not watching Reno 911!, you're missing out on some good times!

Family Time Factor
: Not really appropriate for kids under 14.

MOTR Grade: A-

Reno 911! The Complete Sixth Season arrives on DVD July 7!!!


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