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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leverage 1st Season DVD Review

TNT is known for drama. And over the past couple years they have been churning out some original series that become instant hits that get great critical acclaim. Leverage is one of those series.

Leverage is about a group of people who have come together to take on the injustices of corporate America and those that wrong the little people. They are all criminals for various reasons who have now become vigilante thief do-gooders. Timothy Hutton plays the mastermind of the group, Nate Ford who was formerly an insurance investigator. His reason for wanting this group was because his insurance company let his son die and he wanted to get even. Each of the members of the group has their own pivotal role in pulling off each mission.

I found the premise of the show to be very interesting. We all have been wronged at some point in our lives and felt helpless. This group seeks to prevent that helpless feeling and show corporations and jerky people that it is not okay to treat anyone the way that these places treat individuals. The cast does a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed the show!

The new season of Leverage premieres tomorrow on TNT!

Family Time Factor
: Can be watched as a family, although wouldn't appeal to young children. It definitely teaches some of the harsh realities of the world.

MOTR Grade
: B

Leverage the first season is available today on DVD!!!

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  1. Cool! Now I want to watch it. The commercials for it as I watch Dark Blue (hunkas galore) on TNT had gotten me intrigued but I don't know anyone that watches it - now I do! :)