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Monday, July 6, 2009

12 Rounds Blu-Ray Review

Did you like Die Hard With a Vengeance? Me too! Do you like John Cena from the WWE? Me neither. But he is a likeable fellow. If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you'll probably like 12 Rounds.

The premise is that Danny (John Cena) and his partner happen upon a hardcore criminal who has just foiled the FBI. In pursuit, Danny almost has the upper hand and the bad dude (Miles) and his girlfriend take off running. Unfortunately the girlfriend is pulverized by a truck when she runs out into an alley. Miles is devastated and is arrested. He vows to make Danny pay even though it wasn't really Danny's fault. But apparently you can reason with the criminally insane.

If you think that they would lock this guy up in some hugely guarded maximum security prison, you would be mistaken. Miles breaks out and comes after what Danny loves most- his girlfriend Molly, his house, his partner, you name it. Miles kidnaps Molly and tells Danny that if he wants to save her, he must complete twelve rounds of trials that will put Danny to the ultimate test of mind play and physical endurance.

I was actually impressed with this movie. As aforementioned, I'm not a big fan of John Cena, but he's not a terrible actor and has a lot of charisma. It was fun to watch despite the poor acting by some of the supporting cast and the sheer unrealistic aspect of most of it. And it is definitely worth watching on Blu-Ray if you have a player because there are lots of explosions and high intensity moments that make high definition a must have!

Family Time Factor
: It's rated PG-13, but other than an occasional curse word, there wasn't much inappropriate about it. I think it can be watched by any age.

MOTR Grade: B

12 Rounds is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray!!!

Blu-Ray Specs: DTS HD Audio/Dolby Digital/English SDH/Spanish, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese Subtitles/Widescreen 2.29:1

Blu-Ray also includes tons of special features including a gag reel, featurettes, commentary, alternate endings and an unrated version of the film. Also includes a digital copy.

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