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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Valkyrie DVD Review

As the years go by, I become less and less a fan of Tom Cruise. I hate to say that I am dissuaded by his behavior, but I am. It's off-putting. He did redeem himself a bit, however, by his hilarious part in Tropic Thunder. Therefore, I was a little more willing to give Valkyrie a try. Also, I enjoy movies based on true stories.

In Valkyrie, Tom Cruise plays Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg. After being almost killed and losing an eye, a hand and some fingers, he realizes that Hitler must be defeated. He uses his rank in the army and his position with fellow comrades to come up with a master plan to take down Hitler, which they have called Valkyrie. Unfortunately, human error and poor timing make for a difficult operation and Stauffenberg finds that taking down someone like this brings evil into every facet of life.

Although the plot was interesting as I had no idea that there were so many Germans against Hitler and that there were plans out there to get him out of power, I found the movie to be boring. I understand they couldn't really jazz it up too much because it would ruin the fact based parts of the movie. So, taking it at face value, it was interesting, although interesting does not always mean entertaining.

Family Time Factor
: Probably high school age and up. The historical value is great for your teens, but much younger than high school and they won't want to sit through it.

MOTR Grade: B-

Valkyrie is available on DVD and Blu-Ray!!!

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  1. I have felt the same way about Tom Cruise. I haven't heard much about this movie. I thought it was a flop!