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Monday, June 29, 2009

Jonas Brothers The Concert Experience DVD & Blu-Ray Review

The thing that annoys me about the Jonas Brothers is that I just don't get it. How are they popular? They are not attractive whatsoever and they seem almost as dull as a box of rocks. BUT, what thoroughly enrages me is that some of their songs are actually catchy. I must get a brain cleansing to get them out of my head!

Their first motion picture is Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience. It did not do well in theaters and has been panned by critics, but you have to take it at face value. It's not geared towards anyone except those tween girls who think that the brothers are adorable. And as a mom, I'd rather my teenage daughter (hypothetically since my daughter is 3) crushed on them than someone like Bret Michaels!

In order to make the dvd and blu-ray releases a little more exciting, each has been given additional bonus features. In the DVD, not only do you get an extended movie edition, but you also get a digital copy. The extended movie includes two songs that were not included in the theatrical release.

The awesome part about the blu-ray is that it is 3D! When you buy the blu-ray, you get the extended movie plus the dvd and digital copies. It comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses. It is definitely worth a watch to see something not only in high definition, but 3D as well- pretty cool!

In terms of what the movie is about, it's pretty much what the title entails. You get to go backstage with the Jonas Brothers to see what it's like when they are at a concert. You also get to see them perform many of their hit songs. They are also joined by guests such as Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato.

Family Time Factor: This is something that is grueling for a parent to sit through, so it would make a good gift for that tween girl of yours that loves the Jonas Brothers. (Make sure she watches it in her room.)

MOTR Grade: C-

Jonas Brothers The Concert Experience releases June 30 on DVD & Blu-Ray!!!

Blu-Ray Specs: 1080p High Definition/7.1 English DTS-HD Master Audio/English SDH, French, Spanish

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