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Friday, June 5, 2009

Follow Friday: @CrazyCatLadie

Today's recommendation for #followfriday is @CrazyCatLadie aka Sarah.

One of my many adoring fans, I believe she started following me because she thought we had a common interest in that we loved cats. Little did she know I only like cats when it involves a chainsaw and buckets full of blood. Er, I mean... I DO love cats! LOL... anywho!

It started with cats and has recently become a full blown omg moment when we realize how much we have in common. My beautiful half nubian princess (jewbian, if you will), Sarah makes me laugh on a regular basis and reminds me when I'm being a complete tard. Plus there's the bonus that she thinks I'm awesome. And since I think I'm awesome, that puts the total at roughly 9,998... minus 9,996 people that think I'm awesome!

Thanks, Sarah, for being the peanut butter to my jelly!

1 comment:

  1. Cara,

    That means so much to me! Becoming your friend over twitter has been one of the highlights in my life. I love that you have a great sense of humor and we can enjoy being morbid with eachother.