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Monday, June 8, 2009

Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies DVD Review

I grew up loving Care Bears, so it excites me when new Care Bear DVDs are released so that my daughter can grow up with them too!

Lionsgate is releasing a brand new dvd entitled "Tell-Tale Tummies" that includes 8 never before seen episodes, which include: The Tell-Tale Tummy, Oopsy, the Hero, Bumbleberry Jammed, Desperately Seeking Mr. Beaks, Kind of the Gobblebugs, Bad News, Tour De Farce and No-Snow Day.

What I love about the new Care Bears is that they teach lessons with each different episode. For instance, they teach about friendship, teamwork, honesty and all the things that I want my daughter to know about. But, as a parent, you realize that just telling your children sometimes isn't as effective as having it played out by their favorite cartoon characters!

I was especially excited about teaching about honesty, because that is currently something we are working on with our 3 year old. She doesn't always want to admit that she did something she shouldn't have. So, I love that that was one of the themes in this DVD!

Family Time Factor: I think this is something kids ten and under could enjoy. If they watch Saturday morning cartoons, they probably won't mind it. And of course, toddlers eat it up! Plus, it's not hard for me to watch with them.

MOTR Grade: A

Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies releases on DVD June 9!!!


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