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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby on Board DVD Review & Giveaway!!!

Unfamiliar with this movie, after reading the synopsis and seeing that the cast included a bunch of actors I appreciate, I was eagerly anticipating watching this promising romantic comedy.

And boy did it deliver!! It was quirky, zany, so true to the realities of marriage and certain aspects of life that I found myself glued to the chair and laughing constantly.

Jerry O'Connell and Heather Graham star as Curtis and Angela, a couple that still seems like they are in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. Curtis is a successful divorce attorney who is forced to represent scoundrel partners who will lie, cheat and steal from the person that they had promised to love and cherish for eternity. Angela is a rising star in her cosmetics firm and has just created a perfume that she is hoping will get her the spot of vice president. They both are doing well in their jobs and seem to have a great marriage.

On the opposite spectrum, their best friends are in one of those marriages where they have two children and pretty much hate each other. The husband (played awesomely by John Corbett) is a cheating lecher and the wife is a frazzled bundle of nerves. I LOVED John Corbett's character because in Sex and the City he played the epitome of the perfect man. In this movie, he was pretty much the opposite.

Anyway, Angela finds out she's pregnant at around the time she falsely suspects Curtis of cheating. Curtis then falsely suspects Angela of cheating as well and instead of working things out like they rationally should have, they decide to make each other's lives miserable while living under the same roof.

As before mentioned, this movie was very fun! The acting was quirky, they all did a phenomenal job and even the smaller roles were played perfectly.

Family Time Factor: Definitely rated R for a reason! This film is pretty raunchy in parts and I don't recommend it for anyone with delicate sensibilities. It is best for a date night movie while the kiddies are gone or sleeping.

MOTR Grade: A

Baby on Board is currently available for sale on DVD and blu-ray!!!

Check out a trailer for Baby on Board!!!


I have one copy of Baby on Board to giveaway! Eligible winners must be 18 or over and from US or Canada. Giveaway ends at noon on July 1. Good luck!

To enter:

1) Leave a comment below telling me a misunderstanding you have previously had in a relationship or a friendship that ended up being blown out of proportion.

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  1. A misunderstanding I had previously had in a relationship recently happened last Saturday night actually. I live with in walking distance of a local bar. Its a casual place but I still care how I look so I usually end up changing my clothes several times before I leave.

    My bff showed up to go with me & was in a hurry so we dashed out the door w/out a last glance in the mirror. My husband doesn't really pay much attention at times like that simply because he really doesn't care what I wear. He was, however, paying attention when I came home & my shirt was on inside out. It took me a while to explain that one. O.o' Lol

  2. I enjoyed learning where croissants originated from on your husband's blog "Useless fact of the month--April".

  3. My best friend and I made arrangements to meet for lunch one time and she thought I said one time and I thought I had said a different time. Well, I showed up a half hour after she thought I was supposed to be there. She was so angry with me she got up, stormed out and would not talk to me for two weeks. I love her but I think that not talking for that length of time over something so small was a waste of energy

    "Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Fun:

  4. I read your hubby's poem lunar trance and I really liked it. I also peeked and saw the song and another poem as well. He is talented