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Monday, May 11, 2009

Speed Racer: The Next Generation Comet Run the Movie Review

For those of us that grew up on Speed Racer, it is important to know that a new generation is out there and has been on Nicktoons since 2008. It revolves around the world of Speed, Conor and Lucy.

This new release is the third DVD of Next Generation. In Comet Run, trillionaire Dickie Radford has an extraordinary eco-car that he believes is the fastest car ever. He is so confident in its capabilities that he has offered his entire company to anyone that can beat him in a 3-day race. Speed and the gang are convinced their Mach 6 is up to the challenge! Unfortunately, Radford is not going to let anyone win easily, so he has some evil tricks up his sleeve to make sure that no one besides him wins this race.

Although it is fun, I feel like Speed Racer is not going to be a huge hit among girls who are used to watching cutesy shows. Plus, as a mom, although it teaches kids that gas guzzling SUVs are not the way to go, it doesn't have a whole lot of educational attributes.

If you buy the nifty set that comes with a toy car (mach 6) your kids will definitely appreciate that!

Family Time Factor: This could potentially be enjoyed my most children from young to old, so it has that bonus to it. Dads might not mind watching it either! So that is definitely a plus that it spans such an age range!

MOTR Grade: B-

Speed Racer: The Next Generation Comet Run the Movie releases on DVD May 12!!!

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  1. Comet Run is awesome! (coming from a 13 year old) it's better than Twilight! (which sucks, Speed Racer rules!!!!)