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Friday, May 8, 2009

Russell Brand in New York City Review

If you're unfamiliar with Russell Brand, he's famous... in the UK. Or you might recognize him as the hilarious host of last year's MTV VMAs. Then there was his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Oh yes, I know who Russell Brand is!

His one time comedy central special releases on DVD May 19 and features approximately an hour of stand-up where he covers anything from his views on American politics, his hatred for tabloids and why it is okay for him to have such crazy hair. One of the bonuses on the DVD is the opening monologue he did for the VMAs. I happened to catch it, but for those that didn't, it's definitely worth the view!

As you know, comedy and humor rate quite high in my book. And this performance delivered laugh after laugh for me! I love Russell's off the wall remarks and somewhat intelligent comedy. There were a few raunchy segments that I was not too amused by, but overall, I loved it! I became even more enthralled with Russell Brand than I already was and am considering stalking him- I know he'd appreciate it!

Family Time Factor
: This is uncensored and is quite inappropriate to watch with your children of any age! It's definitely more of a watch by yourself or date night DVD.

MOTR Grade: A

Russell Brand in New York City releases on DVD May 19!

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  1. I freakin' love him! He was in Bedtime Stories (with Adam Sandler) too.

    I heard he's going to be in some remake of the movie Drop Dead Fred? Don't know how true that is...

    DDF just happens to be one of my all time favorite movies.