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Saturday, May 9, 2009

LeapFrog Letter Factory Review

If you're a parent, you're probably familiar with LeapFrog. They create toys that promote learning from birth to school age. My kids love LeapFrog toys and I love that it helps them be creative and learn! We've had several of their toys in our house as my children have grown.

One of the toys we've had for awhile that gets a lot of use is the ever popular Fridge Phonics game. It's a set of magnetic letters that you put on your fridge and there's a base to put each letter in and it will tell you the sound the letter makes in a catchy song.

Well, they've translated this to DVD! Tad the frog and his friends are on a mission to teach your child their letters! They go around the letter factory and introduce you to each letter and its sound from A-Z.

I watched this with my 3 year old and she loved it! She knows her alphabet already, but liked to answer their questions and sing along with the songs. My 16 month old loved it because he plays with the fridge phonics and likes to try to repeat the sounds. And of course, I love anything educational that my kids can also have fun with!

Family Time Factor: Something that probably would only interest kids six and under, but is great for toddlers as well! It's a good DVD to put on for the kids while you're cleaning or busy with other projects.

MOTR Grade: A

LeapFrog Letter Factory and LeapFrog Talking Words Factory release on DVD on May 12!

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  1. 'Lettery Factor' - as it's known in our house - was a huge hit UNTIL.... If you haven't checked out 'Word Factory' yet, well your time's coming. My 4yo & 2yo love to dance crazy to the music and it's really helped my 4yo with word formation & reading.