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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

John Wayne Centennial Collection New Releases Review

Paramount knows that some of us are old school. We miss those classic movies that used to make us excited about films. In that school of thought, they have released a centennial collection of high definition mastered DVDs that have included such classics as Roman Holiday, Funny Face and Sabrina. Volumes eight and nine star the incomparable John Wayne. Who can forget his over the top acting, swagger and unique voice talents?

Volume 8: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance also stars James Stewart (who I LOVED). It's about a local rancher (Wayne) who helps a big city lawyer (Stewart) in his efforts to rid the village of Shinbone of Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin), who is a lawless rebel. Add in a little bit of romance in the form of a love trangle, and you have a classic western.

I love Jimmy Stewart, so I was pretty happy with this movie. It was a little corny and what not (it IS a western) but the plot was good and it held my interest.

Volume 9: El Dorado also stars Robert Mitchum (another classic!) Mitchum plays an alcoholic sheriff. There's ruthless cattle barons, wild west shoot outs, brawling, land disputes and all the other things you'd expect to happen back in the day of drifters and lawless gunmen. John Wayne plays the sheriff's old friend.

This one was not as interesting to me as the plot seemed somewhat cliche, but if you're a John Wayne fan, that kind of stuff is quite alright.

Other than being mastered in high definition, these dvds come as a 2 disc set and include great special features such as commentary, trailers, galleries and featurettes.

Family Time Factor
: I'm pretty sure children wouldn't enjoy these, but I've been wrong a couple times in my life.

MOTR Grade: C+

The Centennial Collection from Paramount volumes 1-9 are currently available on DVD!


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