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Monday, May 4, 2009

Imagination Movers- Warehouse Mouse Edition Review

If you're unfamiliar with Imagination Movers, it's a show on Playhouse Disney in which a group of guys that are in a band play music and entertain preschoolers while trying to solve "Idea Emergencies." They are a fun way for your young child to work on skills such as brainstorming and problem-solving while also promoting them to dance and sing.

This is great for young children because it incorporates fun characters, gets them to expend energy and promotes learning. The band, I believe, is an actual alternative band. I think if they did birthday parties, they'd be booked 365 days out of the year!

While my daughter tends to prefer animated shows still, she will watch Imagination Movers. I love that it helps her learn and she loves that the people on the show are so quirky and make her laugh.

This DVD features four episodes: Bucket Trouble, Tooth Hurts, Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Mouse and Finders Key-Pers.

Family Time Factor
: I would say this is another seven and under show that older kids would think was too juvenile. But, anything that promotes learning can't be bad!

MOTR Grade
: B

Imagination Movers- Warehouse Mouse Edition released on DVD May 5th. Watch a clip of Finders Key-Pers here.


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