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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Army Wives- The Complete Second Season Review

I have seen every single episode of Army Wives. Since the first episode of the first season when I met Pamela and found out that she was getting paid to be a surrogate mom, it has been my goal in life to be paid thousands of dollars to be a surrogate mom!

Okay, but onto the point. Army Wives is a series on Lifetime (you know, the channel with all the movies that make you cry) that follows the lives of five women who reside on the same army base. Four of the women have married men in the army and the fifth woman is in the army and married.

We follow the trials they face of being on an army base and trying to coexist with all the other personalities they come across. They also struggle with raising kids as their husbands are deployed, not knowing how they are and when they will be home. There's temptation of straying while the husband is away. Plus, trying to find your own identity in a place where it is hard to build one.

In season two, my favorite storyline was with Denise. Her husband is deployed and she meets a cute doctor (played by the same actor who played Ian Devlin on General Hospital, woo hoo) at the hospital she is a nurse at and starts questioning her marriage. I like this because I think Denise's husband is a controlling jerk and it's nice that she can meet someone who doesn't treat her like a possession.

Some of the storylines can be a bit predictable and boring, but this is a show that I always have my DVR set to record! I've never been in the army or been married to an officer, but I feel like anyone can relate to the types of personalities and problems that these women have.

Season two contains 19 episodes. The set also includes bonus features such as bloopers and deleted scenes.

Family Time Factor: Would not interest young children, but is suitable for probably 12 and up. It's more of a woman's guilty pleasure type of show.

MOTR Grade: A-

Army Wives: The Complete Second Season is available on DVD June 2!!!

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  1. I never wanted to really watch this show because it seems like I would cry every episode. I'm a crier to the max.
    Does it have nudity? I like nudity. lol