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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tahitian Pearl Jewels Review

Anyone who thinks that diamonds are a girl's best friends, has not seen the beauty that is the pearl. Their luster, their sleekness, their flawlessness, there is nothing that compares to a pearl.

Tahitian Pearl Jewels is a family run business that is steeped in a rich history of pearl knowledge. With roots that begin in the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia, their family is filled with the tradition and craft of Tahitian pearl farming. Their experience comes from generations of know-how combined with new technologies and techniques.

After mastering the art of creating the perfect pearl, they decided to venture out in 1997 into the jewelry making business. One look at their website and you'll see that their love for what they do is reflected in every piece of jewelry they produce.

For instance, take a look at the Tahitian black pearl rings. Wearing something as perfect and as amazing as these rings will cause any woman to be the center of attention, no matter how crowded the room. Pearls, like the women who wear them, are meant to be adored and admired.


Tahitian Pearl Jewels also specializes in pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces & strands. There's something for everyone! Your skin was meant to be caressed by the elegant radiance that pearls exude.

The best part is the price! Because Tahitian Pearl Jewels cuts out the middle man by raising and harvesting their own pearls and creating their own jewelry (in the U.S.A!) they are able to offer their items at a much more affordable price than most jewelers both online and offline!

If you're a man, nothing says "I Love You" more than pearls. And if you're a woman, you owe it to yourself to adorn your body with the most exquisite beauty that can be found on this earth.

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  1. The Tahitian Pearl is gorgeous, prettier than a true Peal in my opinion ---