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Monday, April 6, 2009

My Little Pony Live: The World's Biggest Tea Party Review

Released on February 10, The World's Biggest Tea Party is a treat for all fans of My Little Pony! It gives you the opportunity to see the live performance in your own home. There's singing, dancing and a fun storyline.

This dvd could go either way with your child. Some kids must have the cartoon aspect to stay captivated. Others might have been to a live show and find the costumes fascinating. For my daughter, she thought it was fun when they sang and danced, but was not as interested in what else was going on. The great thing about the repackaging that has been done is that it comes with a My Little Pony toy so your child can re-enact the performance themselves. And as any parent knows, you could put a toy in a tin can and the child will love it!

Check out this great printable My Little Pony coloring page!

Family Time Factor
: Definitely not something the whole family would want to sit down and watch together. It would probably be best for children seven and under. It would make a great Easter basket filler!

MOTR Grade
: C-


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