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Monday, April 27, 2009

Get Ready to Spend Your Summer in Style!

Tired of the same old boring summers? Little League frying your brain? Floating around in a circle in your pool sipping lemonade getting old? Be the coolest mom on the block and throw a Luau! Your friends will envy your cool party style and everyone will wonder where you got your great clothes and party gear!

Of course you'll want to keep the secret to yourself where you got your Hawaiian shirts because you don't want anyone to compete with your trendy flare for understanding what's current and happening. You'll just sit back and watch as the next poor woman gets her Luau gear and clothing from a third rate knock off shop. You will be the talk of the summer amongst your friends and family!


Luau Shirts is your source for everything Hawaiian themed whether it's shirts, tiki accessories, leis or party supplies. They even offer group sale pricing on an assortment of Hawaiian shirts to make large orders more affordable.

When I think of the two places I want to be, it's wherever my kids aren't and Hawaii. Lying on a beach, drinking out of a coconut while the ocean waves beat against the shore. That is sheer bliss! Unfortunately, the economy (among other things) keeps us from experiencing Hawaii at its best. So, the next best thing is a backyard Luau! Fire up the grill, hire some cute hula dancers and invite the whole town! Just make sure that everyone knows to wear their Hawaiian shirt!

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