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Monday, April 13, 2009

The 8 Tag: It Got ME

I've never heard of this thing before, but since I got tagged, I suppose my life is in danger if I do not do it! Thanks, Nellie, for giving me something to do, lol.

The 8 Tag

8 Things I am Looking Forward to

1. Getting my masters.

2. Starting my career.

3. L being potty trained.

4. New Moon coming to theaters.

5. Sleep.

6. Getting to a million followers on Twitter.

7. Duh! The UPS guy coming to my house!

8. Getting a new house so we all have our own bedrooms!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Met two total strangers and had them follow me to my house.

2. Sold two puppies.

3. Ate too much.

4. Searched for Easter eggs with my children.

5. Spent time with family.

6. Watched Dollhouse.

7. Changed diapers.

8. Checked my email.

8 Things I Wish I Could do:

1. Get more people to read my blog.

2. Punch people in the face when they annoy me and have them not mind.

3. Win the lottery.

4. Lose weight.

5. Own a pet cow.

6. Sleep.

7. Stop itching.

8. Memorize html.

8 Shows I Watch:

1. Judge Judy

2. Millionaire Matchmaker

3. Gossip Girl

4. General Hospital

5. Chelsea Lately

6. House

7. Law & Order SVU/Criminal Intent

8. Hell's Kitchen


  1. I bet you did this faster than I did. I had such a hard time with it! Haha. What do I want? What do I wish? What do I watch? Who thought those would be so hard? LOL

    I can't wait for New Moon either.

  2. I am going to post my answers back!

    8 Things I am Looking Forward to:

    1. Getting married

    2. Graduating the Xray technician program

    3. Starting my career

    4. Getting pregnant

    5. Raising a child

    6. More years of great friendships

    7. Growing old with Vinny

    8. Getting closer to Duff!

    8 Things I Did Yesterday:

    1. Told someone I loved them

    2. Feed Duff

    3. Feed Vinny

    4. Took out the trash

    5. Spoke with my Aunt

    6. Played with Duff

    7. Twitter

    8. Checked my email

    8 Things I Wish I Could do:

    1. Lose weight

    2. Save money

    3. high five people face randomly

    4. Vacation in Greece

    5. Save every anilmal

    6. Be less sensitive

    7. Break Dance

    8. Live life without meds

    8 Shows I Watch:

    1. The Simpsons

    2. Law and Order (all of them)

    3. Gossip Girl

    4. CSI (all of them)

    5. Heroes

    6. Reaper

    7. Top Chef

    8. Project Runway