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Monday, March 9, 2009

March is Disability Awareness Month

... and in the spirit of promoting awareness, I wanted to blog about how parents can make a difference in the lives of the disabled by teaching their kids how to behave around disabled individuals.

I try to teach my daughter how to deal with people that are different, by not letting it be known that there is a real difference. I tell her that everyone is unique and that's what makes us special. Whether someone acts differently or looks differently, we are all humans and all deserve love and compassion. Sometimes it may take a bit more patience or understanding, but it's never wrong to be friends with lots of people, regardless of their status.

Acceptance is a great thing. Caring is a great thing. As she gets older, and she has questions about particular disabilities, I intend to research them with her, so we can both learn about them.

For more information about this topic or to help support children with disabilities, please visit CVS Caremark All Kids Can.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I have a daughter with CP and another daughter with Bipolar 1 disorder. Bringing awareness to and teaching people how to react to children with disabilities is very important. Thank you again!


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  2. You're welcome! It is hard enough for parents raising children with disabilities, but to have to worry about how other children will treat them is not a burden they should have to bear.