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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hannah Montana: Keeping It Real Review

If you've never seen an episode of Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel, you owe it to yourself to watch it at least once. Otherwise, how will you know what all the Miley Cyrus pop culture references are about?

Hannah Montana is a series about a tween singing sensation who during the day is Miley, a regular, down to earth girl, who moonlights as a star with the persona of Hannah Montana. She is always up to some sort of antics in her pursuit to keep her private life and superstar life separate. She is being raised by her single dad (played by real life dad Billy Ray Cyrus) and her brother.

Keeping it Real is a new DVD that features 5 episodes that have never before been released on DVD. It also includes a bonus feature of "Miley's Makeover: Hannah Montana Gets a New Look."

The earlier seasons of Hannah Montana are a little hard for me to watch because the acting is so atrocious. But, as the years go by, the acting gets a little better. It's just another one of those sitcoms that you get attached to the characters and find yourself wondering what they'll be up to next.

Family Time Factor: If you're looking for a sitcom that is kid appropriate and family oriented, this suits the ticket perfectly. You can easily watch this with the whole family and not have to worry about inappropriate content. Younger kids will find it sill and older kids will enjoy the storyline. Plus, there's the occasional good song.

MOTR Grade
: B

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  1. Great review, I'll have to check it out.