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Monday, March 30, 2009

Care Bears: Cheer, There & Everywhere Review

Can't get enough of those cute little bears with fun symbols on their tummies and quirky things to say? Neither can we! My daughter is three and loves Care Bears. I grew up on these little guys as well, so it's nice to see my offspring enjoy them as well!

Lionsgate has released (as of 3.24) a new Care Bears DVD entitled "Cheer, There & Everywhere." This new collection includes eight never-before-released episodes from the new TV series. The series airs Saturday mornings on CBS.

What I love about the new Care Bears series is that it teaches morals and values that are forgotten in shows like SpongeBob and The Fairly Oddparents. (Both shows I like, just saying that they don't teach anything.) As the years go by and children age too early, it's good to have things that teach them the values that every parent wants their children to have. And as we all know, if it comes from mom and dad, kids don't always listen.

Another great feature about this DVD is that it has kid friendly direct play. That means, there's no fumbling around for the remote and waiting for main menus to appear. Your kid can put it in the player and it will start up on its own. There is also a game as a special feature on the disc.

Family Time Factor: Although it may not appeal to older kids and may not be able to hold the interest of adults for too long, it is a fun and quality dvd for young children to watch. It would be something good to put in on a rainy day or while you're cooking/cleaning and need to keep the kids entertained.

MOTR Grade: B


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