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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kids Book Giveaway Finalists!!!

Here are the top 3 poems that were submitted for my Kids Book Giveaway. They will be in voting for one week until Jan. 10 and at that time I will announce the first and second place winners.

To vote: Comment here or on twitter to @hamsterkitten with the number of the poem you are voting on. ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON! If not enough people vote, I will choose the winners.

The 3 qualifying poems are:

#1: Patience

It is a virtue
and sometimes
when I am cleaning
of cheetos out of the carpeting
It is hard to see anything but red (and orange, of course).

But when that tiny little hand
grabs my finger
and asks me if stars are made out of birthday candles
It is easy to remember why
patience is just the beginning
of the depths of my love.

#2 I have 2 sons named Zack and Josh,
as different as can be.
Their teachers say that black and white
is what their names should be!
I wouldn't change them a little bit,
I love them equally.
They are the spices in my life,
who robbed my sanity!!!!

#3 There once was a mom and a dad
who wanted children so bad,
They planned and they prayed,
then one happy day,
baby came now they're no longer sad

There you have it! Thank you to all who submitted and don't give up hope. I am planning more giveaways in the future and starting this Monday will be doing Mommy Trivia where you can win cash through paypal.

Keep checking in!