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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kids Book Giveaway!!

Here's the rules:

Write a poem about your child, parenting or anything having to do with being a mommy (or daddy). Send me your poem to hamsterkitten@hotmail.com and then comment here letting me know you've done so. I will pick my favorite 3 on Jan.3 and post them in a blog. I'll allow people to vote on their favorite and announce the winner Jan. 10. If no one votes, I'll choose the winner.

The prizes:

There will be a first and second place winner. Winner gets their choice of book and the runner up will get the book that's left. The books I have to give away are "The Day Leo Said I Hate You!" by Robie H. Harris and "South" by Patrick McDonnell. These are children's books and if you are unfamiliar with them, I suggest checking them out on amazon.

That's it! I love writing and creativity and want people to be able to share their talents with the world, so have at it! Good luck!


  1. Well done, Sandy! You are my first entry... could be my only one... we'll see!

  2. I took a shot! Cheesy but....it's done! LOL

  3. I just sent a poem.

  4. I sent one (definitely not a pro at this, but it was fun!) I hope it didn't have to rhyme... :)


  5. I sent you "She's Too Good for Me" which was written when my daughter was an infant.