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Friday, November 28, 2008


I can now add myself to the ranks of all the hormonal, screaming teenage girls out there... *breathy pause* I... loved... TWILIGHT! Every second was worth watching and now I find myself on a mission to buy the next three books in the series because I can in no way wait for them to make a sequel.

I'll do a movie review on Movie Room Reviews when the release date gets close for the DVD, but needless to say, it's going to get a high rating!

The lead guy was dreamy, the plot made my mouth water and I was smiling like an idiot throughout much of the movie.

Cinematic genius, my friends!


  1. I heart Edward too:) I added your link finally.

  2. I think you already know what I think of this movie and book!!! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU OF COURSE!